Highway To Automotive

Highway Industries Limited
is a name to reckon with. . .
As Leading Technocrats of
hot and cold forged components
and sub assemblies in the
Automotive segments-
… Globally.
With the vision of its founder,
along with his illustrious sons,
-New Dimensions have been
added, taking the organization
to the next level.

Manufacturing Plant

Sprawling plants located in the industrial hub of Ludhiana. Modern assembly lines with advanced manufacturing technology to support current and future demand.

Advanced Processing

Processing bays outfitted with robotic technology.

High precision manufacturing using the latest methods


Highway Industries is structured around a brilliant R&D team... Forming the core for successful product development.

All parts designed in house by ingenious experts.


Streamlined manufacturing processes using advanced technology and imported hi-tech equipment.

Following procedures that are beneficial to the company with a long term vision in place.

Conducive Business Policy

Keeping abreast with new technology and the requirements in its related market space.

price structure
Competitive Price Structure

Quality products at modest prices has helped keep Highway Industries in the forefront of the automobile parts competition arena.

The Highway Tenets

The very foundation of Highway Industries rests on these factors.

Well-Managed ERP System

Systematic records maintenance with a well-managed ERP system in place to keep track of various factors such as orders, raw materials, manpower and other resources.

Parts Per Million

Driving production with optimized resources, keeping an eye on cost, measuring quality standards and meeting timelines.

Statistical Process Control

Modern management systems enumerating quality parameters and delivery standards using the finest raw materials based on a structure to achieve operative zenith.


Balancing the man-machine synergy.

Structured Process

Combining the relevant dynamics to achieve irrefutable success.

Setting a trend for environment consciousness.


Sort methods to create a sustainable standard with sufficient stability to shine bright.

Emphasizing the 5S’s from the ground level


Striving towards excellence with every endeavor.

Promoting the Kaizen philosophy

A Total Productive Maintenance comes from investment in man and machine – skilled and qualified personnel combined with advanced technology machines and tools.

Optimized work flow

At Highway we are always in a progressive mode. Every action leads us one step closer to the end result. Striving for no less than ultimate perfection.

6 Sigma

Following the disciplined approach to eliminate errors.

Incorporating techniques that constantly strive for improvement.

Tools that reiterate the performance benchmark while eliminating resource wastage and identifying weak areas to better standards and output


Vast international and domestic market share

A company that delivers on time quality parts for the 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler automobile industry.

Highway Industries Limited


The Highway Industries group philosophy is characterized by its futuristic vision. Investing in advanced technologies and staying ahead with the latest expertise and skill sets in the industry.


With its philosophy of being customer centred Highway Industries keeps this commitment by earning the approval of contended customers.


Precision engineering at Highway leads to high quality standards. The use of latest equipment and technology helps to maintain a high level of operative excellence.


Highway Industries follows a high standard of professionalism with a zero tolerance for error. It improves on its own benchmark, all structured on perfection, leading towards excellence  .


Elite Clients


People in Team


Days Available


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Company Overview

Highway Industries is a company that takes the High Ground of  Competitive Edge with their Operative Zenith. It specializes in forging and precision machining of automotive components.

  • High tech manufacturing process utilizing the most advanced imported equipment
  • All parts are designed in house by expert design engineers in the field of mechanics. Highway Industries manufactures original parts. Essentially OEM.
  • Focused on superior quality precision manufacturing, competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and environmentally conscious streamlined operations.


Industry Perceptions About Highway


The ethos of our parts supplier Highway Industries has had a major impact on the way we view them. Their professionalism and operating excellence has influence the way we conduct our business.

HeroCMODoom Inc

Cost is a very critical matter in the automobile industry. The competitive pricing offered to us by Highway Industries has helped us curtail excessive expenditure. It allows us to further this price advantage to our customers.

MarutiGroup Head OperationsMedia Wiki

Over the years we have become dependent on the fine quality spare parts supplied to us by Highway Industries. We would like to extend our gratitude for their diligence towards the quality standards they have maintained for us.

GKNPlant HeadMax Mobilcom

The parts manufactured by Highway Industries far surpass the quality standards expectations we had. We have never had to question even a single piece. For us quality consciousness is of utmost importance.

Mahindra GM - SCMWikiTravel